Hello readers, in this article we will discuss 5 different ways to host your personal website for free. Before we move forward, it is important to note that the ways we are going to discuss in this article are just for hosting small scale application like a portfolio website or just a small scale project website like collage projects. But the free version of hosting is not recommended for hosting large scale website or hosting business related websites.

Now before we move forward let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of free hosting.


  • It’s free
  • Best for hosting personal projects
  • Can do your job for few visitors


  • Limited space available
  • No data safety
  • No uptime guarantee

Now we know the advantages and disadvantages of free web hosting, now let’s discuss the 5 different ways to host your personal website for free. By the way, if you want to buy a cheap and best webhosting you can follow the link.

5 Different Ways To Host Your Personal Website For Free

Github Pages

Github pages is a hosting service provided by Github itself. This can be a great way to host your personal website for free as it is safe and secure because it is backed by the developer’s friend GitHub. GitHub pages is very popular when it comes to hosting webpages for free. But a great limitation is that we can only host static webpages but not host dynamic webpages. Meaning we cannot host PHP files or host an MERN stack app as they require database and generate data dynamically. Other than this, GitHub pages is a great way to host your personal web pages.


Netlify is also among the most popular service when it comes to host webpages free of cost. Netlify is an amazing service which is mainly popular for hosting JavaScript apps like React App. It helps us to host webpages seamlessly by integrating with the GitHub Repositories. Netlify also generally offers static site hosting.

Infinity Free

Infinity free is also one of the popular services which offers hosting of webpages for free. This service is mainly popular as it offers you to host completely dynamic website like an PHP website and also features databases. While this website is free and brings in great features, it is not recommended to host serious projects. You can definitely host your website for free in Infinity Free if it is a personal project or a school project.


000webshost is a service provided by a popular web hosting service called Hostinger. 000webhost is a platform provided by Hostinger where we can host webpages for free and also it offers some paid plans with $1/month and so on which is really cheap. 000webhost also provides hosting of completely dynamic webpages with database connectivity.


Many of you may know what is wordpress. And you all also may know inorder to install wordpress we need a web hosting but what many don’t know is that wordpress offers to use wordpress for free at their platform wordpress.com. If you want to use the full version of wordpress you need to visit wordpress.org but if you want to use wordpress without hosting, you can visit wordpress.com, and enjoy your free wordpress website.

These were the 5 different ways to host your personal website for free. But remember if you want to have a reliable hosting then always opt for paid services as free services don’t offer complete reliability. Thanks for reading till the end, if you would like to hear more from us, subscribe to our newsletter now from the form below.

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