Importance of Computer Literacy

Background & Introduction

According to the data of Wikipedia, by 2015 the overall adult literacy rate was 63.9 percent (males 76.4 percent and females 53.1 percent). This is the overall literacy rate, if we talk about computer literacy in Nepal, the condition is very poor. In order to stand out among other counties, it is so much important to increase computer literacy in Nepal. There can be a lot of reasons for improving computer and digital literacy in Nepal, among the huge list this blog explains about 5 reasons that are extremely important and are to be looked after.
Computer literacy seems to be underrated in Nepal, but it is one of the most important topics to take under consideration. With the improvement in computer and digital literacy, so many problems can be solved and many things can be simplified for day-to-day tasks.
5 Reasons Why Computer Literacy is Important in Context of Nepal
The following are the 5 reasons that are going to be discussed in this article.
  1. To build up identity in this competitive world.
  2. To move ahead with the world.
  3. To simplify hard and boring stuff.
  4. To reduce cyber scams and frauds.
  5. To create earning opportunities.

a. Build identity in this competitive world.

We all know that with the increasing population in this world, it is so much important to stand out uniquely in order to do business, earn living, get jobs, and many other things. Internet is something that can help us stand out uniquely in this world but for that, we should know how to use the internet and computers to operate things. If we know things work in this field we can build up our own identity completely different from others and stand out in this crowd. Social Media can be a useful tool for this purpose. We all know that social media can be used in different ways. But for using it correctly to build up identity computer and digital literacy is very important.

b. Move parallel to the world.

This generation is moving towards research and development at an incredible speed, in such a situation we should also move parallel to the world in order to sustain ourselves. One of the major contributions to this achievement is computers and the internet. If we are not literate about computers and the digital world, we can not move ahead with this world. Hence, for the development of Nepal, computer literacy is the most.

c. Simplify hard and boring stuff

Doing repetitive and insanely time-consuming work like record keeping, data entry, etc. is definitely boring for humans and also is a lot of hard work. For doing this kind of repetitive and time-consuming, the use of computers can be a great alternative. Using a computer is not so hard but it is necessary to have computer literacy to increase productivity as computers can simplify hard and boring stuff.  Hence, to increase the productivity of every person and increase the speed of development computer literacy is most in Nepal.

d. Reduce cyber scams and frauds

Cyber scams and frauds are getting common nowadays in Nepal also, as computer literacy is very low in Nepal. Every person in Nepal and the world should know about cyber laws, and tips and tricks to be away from cyber scams and frauds. These kinds of things are known to the person who is literate in the field of computer and every person should be aware of this thing. Hence, to be safe from scams and frauds, computer and digital literacy are very important.

e. Create earning opportunities

Looking at the employment status in Nepal, it is a necessity for us to create earning opportunities. The use of computers can definitely create earning opportunities to earn living. When people are literate in the field of computers and the digital world everyone can learn skills related to computers that can generate a good income. Skills like web development, graphic and UI designing, etc. are the highest demanding skills in this field which can create a satisfactory income. Hence, computer and digital literacy are very important in the context of Nepal to help solve the unemployment problem in Nepal.
These were only some of the reasons to increase the computer literacy rate in the context of Nepal. Moreover, there are many other reasons to increase the rate of computer and digital literacy.

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