Hello readers, in this article we will talk about the basic requirement that every developer should be familiar with. These are the basic things that every developer can know how to work with and be familiar with.
5 Tools Every Developer Should Be Familiar With (Basic Requirement) - ComputeNepal

Working with VS Code

So, if you are a developer or ever tried to code then you would probably know about VS Code. It is one of the best IDE in the world. If anyone wants to be a developer then being able to work inside VS Code is the first thing that they would be looking for. VS Code is an open-source project under Microsoft. VS Code allows you to work with multiple programming languages and also you can enhance your development experience with the help of different extensions available inside the VS Code. You can literally do anything you would probably think of. So, if you are a developer then probably you would be using VS Code now itself, or else you should definitely work on it as it is one of the best IDE. Also if you want to get into development, being familiar to work in VS Code is the basic requirement needed.

Working With Dev Tools

While talking about the basic thing that every developer should be familiar with is the developer tools or dev tools like a console. If you are into web development or planning to get into it then you should be familiar with Chrome Dev Tools, Firefox Dev Tools. While developing your project you may run into multiple problems. So in order to work out the problem, you would always be referring to the dev tools. If you have ever tried development then you would probably agree with my point. So, if you are going to the developing world then you should be familiar with working with the dev tools as it is much important in your development journey.

Working with Git/ Github

One of the basic requirements in any development work is working with git and GitHub. In this journey of development, you would be developing different projects and you would definitely want to create a place where you can dump your code or also manage your projects. With git, you can manage your projects seamlessly so that you can work with the project and also with different versions of your project. So, if you are into development or planning to enter then you should definitely learn to work with git and GitHub. Also, in most of the jobs, being able to work with git and GitHub is one of the basic requirements.

Working with design tools

In this world of coding/ development/ programming, you would be needing to prepare some prototype for your design, create the basic structure of your projects, and also may need to create the presentations for the projects, so in order to be able to make these things you should be familiar with different design tools. While talking about these design tools one of the best tools is the Adobe XD, but to be honest, many people definitely could not afford the subscription of Adobe, so you can also use different alternatives. Hence, FIGMA can be one of the best tools that you can use for design purposes.

Working with Google

At this point, you would probably be thinking that what are you talking about? We know how to google stuff, but do you really? If you are stepping into this development world then you should accept the truth that you should be a very good google searcher. There are different techniques to google stuff. In this programming/ development journey, you would definitely encounter different bugs, errors and trust me most of the time, there may be another person who encountered the same problem and put it up on the internet and also the solution as well. So, if you are thinking you would be a fantastic developer without googling kinds of stuff then you are probably wrong. So, you should learn different techniques to google the exact thing you are looking for. Hence, in this journey google is going to be your best friend.
These were the basic tools every developer should be familiar with but these are not the only thing you should be learning. As a developer, your learning attitude should be positive as this field is a rapidly changing field. Hence, you should never stop learning and always try to improve your understanding of the main concepts and be updated to different technologies. ComputeNepal wishes you the best for your journey.

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