Hello Readers, in this article we will see some 10 best and easy career options to choose from as a tech enthusiast (Geek). These are my collection of career options so these are not just what you can choose from in the field of technology. There are even more options to choose from according to your choice. Now let’s start with the list of career options to choose from.


10 Best and Easy Career Options To Choose From as a Technology Enthusiast/ Geek - ComputeNepal

Web Developer

If you are a tech enthusiast then web development can be one of the choices as a career. Web Development is a skill that is in high demand with the growth of the web. Being a web developer is not a very tough task but yes there are some challenges you may need to face. If you pick web development as your career option then you will have to develop websites, and web apps as per the requirement of the client. You can work in an organization as a web developer or also work as a freelancer. To be a web developer you will need the basic skill of front end, back end, etc.

Average Salary: $70K (can vary with time and place, technologies to use)

Web Designer

Many people think that web developers and web designers are just the same things but with different names, but that is not the case. There are vast differences between these two jobs. A web developer is a person who follows a design and writes code that generates the output but a web designer creates a design. So you need to have some knowledge of designing to choose this career. Also, you can choose either to work in a company or organization or work on your own with freelancing. To be a web designer you will need skills like working with Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, etc.

Average Salary: $50K (variable)

Mobile App Developer

Mobile app development is also a skill that is in high demand with the development of mobile devices. If you are willing to be a mobile app developer you can choose either of two i.e. Android Development or IOS Development. Or if you are dedicated enough do both. You will need some skills like coding Java, Swift, Flutter, React Native, etc. Like any other tech job, you can choose either to work in a company or to work as a freelancer.

Average Salary: $75K (variable)

Graphics Designer

Graphic Designing is a career option that requires creativity as well as technical skills. A graphic designer is a person who creates computer graphics like logos, vector graphics, digital art, etc. If you have a quite good understanding of arts then it would be quite easy to step into graphic designing. To be a graphic designer you will need to have skills like photoshop, illustrator, etc.

Average Salary: $50K (variable)

WordPress/ CMS Developer

It is one of the easiest career options to choose. In this career option, you will need to create a CMS website for clients as per the requirement. It is a type of web development but here it is not necessary to write code to develop a website. It is quite easier than writing code yourself. To get started you will need to learn CMS like WordPress, blogger, WIX, etc. This job can be as easy as installing themes and changing content and delivering it to clients.

Average Salary: $60K (variable)

Game Developer

Game development is a little more to learn than other types of development but it’s so much fun at the same time so it balances out. If you have strong willpower and desire along with dedication then you can earn a great living with game development. To start up with game development you will need to learn things like Unity, programming, etc.

Average Salary: $100K (variable)

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain development is a hot potato at the time. If you step into blockchain development as soon as possible then you can earn a very good living by doing some simple yet interesting tasks. To be a blockchain developer or a WEB 3 Developer, you will need to learn the concept of decentralization as well as different technologies like Web technology, Solidity Language, etc.

Average Salary: $130K (variable)

Video Editor

Since video content is growing day by day, the need for video editors is increasing rapidly. If you have a strong passion for content creation then it can be a very enjoyable as well as a well-paying career option. As a video editor, you will need to edit videos of the client as per the need. It is a type of job where you can express your creativity as well as talent to the world. To be a video editor you will need to learn technologies like Premiere Pro, FinulCut, AfterEffects, etc.

Average Salary: $50K (variable)

Ethical Hacking

Ethical Hacking is a career option that many think to choose but can’t pursue in life due to a lack of a regular syllabus or learning plan as it is a rapidly changing field. As an ethical, you will need to be updated on all the latest news in technology, as well as need the knowledge of every programming language a little bit and be an expert in one programming language at least.

Average Salary: $110K (variable)

Database Administrator

In the current world, Data is the most important thing and the place to store data is in a database. So, Database Administrator is a burning career option to choose. This career option needs the knowledge of databases, DBMS, SQL, etc.

Average Salary: $70K (variable)

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