Modern technology has brought a drastic change in the life of people. The sector of Information and Communication is more influenced by modern technology. We have been using various means of information and communication like radio, television, FM, telephone, mobile, computer, internet, etc. These are commonly used technologies in our life. We can get more information, news, message, announcement, an advertisement for jobs, etc. by using such means of communication. Information and communication technology broadcast important information and news to us. The broadcasting process of radio, FM, and television is discussed below.

Broadcasting Process of Radio and FM

A scientist named Marconi had developed the broadcasting system of radio and FM many years ago. It needs a radio station to broadcast news and information through the wireless waves which are caught by radio, FM, etc. The radio station transforms the sound energy into wave energy into sound energy. Thus, we can listen to the same sound transmitted from the radio station. Such use of electromagnetic waves to transmit and receive information is called radio. In this way, radio and FM are the means of sending and receiving information from waves. We can broadcast different kinds of songs, news, advertisements, notice and various other entertainment programs around the world.
Various types of equipment are required in the process of broadcasting different programs from the radio station. The major equipment is microphone, amplifier, transmitter, aerial, etc.

The major processes are:

  • A microphone converts the sound wave into an electrical wave.
  • These electrical waves are transferred to the amplifier through the medium of wires. The amplifier is sound-increasing equipment that increases the electrical waves even more.
  • The amplifier sends these waves to the transmitter.
  • The transmitter changes the sound wave into radio waves and broadcasts the radio waves throughout the whole area.
  • As these waves are very high-speed electric signals, they can be transmitted over the world within a second.
  • Our radio catches these radio waves and we can listen to transmitted materials through the speaker attached to the radio.
  • We can adjust radio frequency and sound with the help of a turning button to get a clear sound.
Radio is not limited only to listening to music, information, and news but is widely used in various sectors like airlines, security, education, health, etc.
Frequency Modulation (FM) can be taken as a popular radio broadcasting technology. It has very high and powerful radio waves but has limited coverage of transmission. As programs and information broadcasted through such technology are qualitative, it is gaining more popularity nowadays.

Broadcasting Process of Television

Television is also modern equipment in the field of information and communication. It is used for transmitting news, information, movies, songs, etc. As it is an audio-video medium, we can watch and listen at the time. A British citizen John L. Betard invented the television. All the programs in the television broadcasting (telecasting) center.
Various types of equipment are required in the process of telecasting different programs from the television broadcasting station. The major equipment is a Movie camera, microphone, television tower amplifier, aerial, etc.

The major processes are:

  • All the programs to be broadcasted from the television are recorded by the television camera.
  • The video clips are telecasted from the television station after editing.
  • The video clips and sound are converted into electric waves and sent to the amplifier. Amplifier transmits these electric waves to the transmitter and changes them into radio waves.
  • The antenna helps to receiver such radio waves in the television.
  • The waves are transferred on the television’s screen and the videos and sound can be seen and heard on the television.
Many countries have established satellites stations to develop television technology. As the television programs are telecasted through the satellite stations, they are also called satellite programs. Education and entertainment programs of various sectors like health, agriculture, business, industries, etc. are broadcast through television.
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