Hello friends, do you also have a very slow typing speed and want to increase your typing speed? In this article, I have compiled some of the very effective tips and tricks to learn to type fast. If you also follow the below-mentioned tips then, it’s guaranteed that you will drastically improve your typing speed.

How can I improve my typing speed?

So, if you want to increase your typing speed, then this article is a game-changer for you. Nowadays in this modern era, knowing to use a computer is a must. Also, during this pandemic period, many of us are using computers more than ever either for work, study, or other purposes. I also know and also you know that you feel like you are not so productive by using computers. So, to boost your productivity it is a best practice to improve your typing speed. Basically, the average typing speed of a normal person is around 40 words per minute but that’s also not enough if you want to boost your productivity in computer-related works. So, in this article, you will know about some tips to improve your typing speed and regular practice may also take you to the typing speed of 100 words per minute.

1. Maintain your posture

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind while increasing productivity in front of the computer. Many people think that posture while using a computer doesn’t affect your productivity. But, it’s definitely not the case. Wrong posture while using a computer not only affects your productivity, also affects your health. We also see that people around us say that they degraded their health due to sitting in front of a computer for a long time, but one of the major factors in this kind of problem is the sitting posture. Maintaining a better posture while sitting in front of the computer also improves your health and also increases productivity. While typing about anything, if your posture of sitting is good, then your typing speed can drastically increase as it is the major factor affecting typing speed.

2. Learn to touch type

Touch typing is a method of typing that is found to be most effective than other types of typing methods. In touch typing, we have to type with all our fingers. With touch typing, we can save a lot of energy and also increase our typing speed drastically. While touch typing, a moment of our fingers decreases a lot which ultimately increases our typing speed. Also, learning to touch type is one of the best skills to have with you that can make you more productive than ever. Touch typing for the first time definitely takes a lot of practice and patience, at first while touch typing you will feel like your typing speed is decreased but with continuous practice, you can even achieve 100+ words per minute. Every person who types very fast uses touch typing. Learning to touch type takes some time but once you learn to touch type then everyone looking at you typing will be amazed at your robot-like typing speed.
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Touch Typing

3. Focus on accuracy, not on speed

While talking about the speed of typing, you may think why I have told you not to focus on speed. But there’s a catch. When you focus on speed more than accuracy, then you may type faster but you will definitely compromise on accuracy, and it’s a fact that accuracy is more important than speed. So, first of all, you should focus on accuracy and then focus on speed which will make you accurate and faster at the same time.
So these are the 3 most important points to keep in mind while practicing typing. Also, you should also keep in mind that you have to consistently practice typing and also there are some other points to keep in mind i.e. minimize physical effort as much as you can, practice regularly, visualize as you type, etc.

Where to practice typing? Websites to practice typing!

So, if you want to practice more effectively, I would suggest to you some of the most common websites that you can use while practicing.
So, this is it for this article, but always remember to practice daily and focus on your goal so that you can achieve extremely fast typing speed.

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