Hello readers, in this article we are about to discuss the passive income idea to earn money by selling stock pictures. In order to sell your pictures, it is not necessarily that you have a DSLR camera and you are a good photographer. You will just need a smartphone that can take a good-quality picture.

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 What do you need to start selling stock photos?

While talking about stock photo selling, many people think it is not possible without a high-end camera and good photographic skills. But it’s not always the case. Yes, you will definitely need to click pictures following the guidelines other than that you can even sell pictures by selling pictures with your smartphone. In the end, everything that you need is a smartphone with a decent quality smartphone and an object to click the picture of.

How to Earn with Photos?

In order to earn with photos, you will need to follow the following steps.

1. Create a stock photo selling account

The first thing that you will need to do is to create an account in a stock photo selling platform. You can signup from the link given below.


2. Click a decent photo

If you want to earn with photos, at the end what you will do is to sell your picture. If someone is buying your picture it must be a picture that provides value. If you try to submit your picture to the platform you will not be accepted if you are uploading a picture that has a lot of issues. In order to get your picture accepted to sell, you will need to keep the following thing in mind.

  • Your image must be of higher resolution (At least more than 4 megapixels).
  • Your image must provide value and contain a story or a cause.
  • Your image mustn’t have unwanted objects.
  • Your image mustn’t have color noise or any other noise.
  • Your image must have a proper focus to object.
  • Your image should not be copyrighted.
  • Your image should not be over exposed.
  • Your image should not be over edited.
  • Your image should not contain chromatic aberration.
  • and more…

These are the basic thing to keep in mind before clicking picture and you can learn other thing once you start to sell.

3. Start Earning

Once your photo is approved, you can start earning. Whenever your photo sells you will get commission.

4. Upload more pictures

If you think you can be a millionaire by just selling one photo or so but yeah you can earn a decent amount by selling about a few pictures that are absolutely fantastic.

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