While in this era of booming technology, one of the top professions is web development which is currently leading a lot of people to learn web development. Since it is a booming industry it has become an area of interest for many people but they don’t have a clear idea on how to start web development and what is a complete roadmap to be a full-stack web developer. To solve that, here we are with this article on the roadmap to learn full-stack web development.


If you want to be a web developer then you should be passionate about technology and be ready to spend your time and effort in this field. If you are willing to learn web development only because there are a lot of jobs and you can earn a lot of money. It isn’t that wrong but at the same time if you’re willing to learn web development only because of money without a clear dedication and passion towards the technology and web then it would be a better choice not to spend time on this.
If you have clear passion and dedication about web development and programming then, we are sharing a complete roadmap to be a full stack web developer. If you have a positive learning attitude then you can learn a lot and be an expert in the field of development. Now, let’s start with the roadmap to learn full-stack web development with ComputeNepal.
We are following a 10 steps process to call ourselves a full-stack web developer. And most important you don’t need to pay in order to be a web developer. You can use the free resources available in order to learn web development. We even have free resources attached at the end of the article.
Roadmap to Learn Full Stack Web Development - ComputeNepal


In order to become a full-stack web developer, the first step is to do brainstorming and make up a strong mindset and a positive learning attitude and then start to gain the basic knowledge of how the web works, what is a web browser, what is a programming language, what is front-end, what is back-end and how a website works in real life. Once you have a basic idea of what actually is a website and how it works then you can move forward in the journey.


When you complete the first step to be a full-stack web developer then you can move forward with this step. In this phase, you will need to learn the most important language for web development i.e. HTML. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language and it provides a basic structure to our website. In order to be a web developer, HTML is the most. You can never be called a web developer without the knowledge of HTML. Also while learning, it would be a better idea to learn the tags and syntaxes that are mostly in use like headings, paragraphs, images, navigation, footer, heading, inputs, etc. rather than focusing to learn all the tags that exist. It is a good approach to learn HTML such that you can structure a website and then move forward to the next step and you will automatically learn other things once you start working on projects.


Once you learn HTML and are able to structure a website, you will move forward to this step. In this phase, you will be learning the language that will help you style your website in order to make it look better i.e. CSS. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. It is also a basic requirement of a web developer. Also, as you learned HTML only till you can make a website, you should learn CSS only till you can create a website with it. If you focus on learning all the properties of CSS then it can take you forever to learn all the properties in CSS as there are a whole bunch of properties. Once you are comfortable with CSS, you should immediately start building basic website homepages. While in the process of creating a homepage design with HTML and CSS you will be learning new things both in HTML and CSS and eventually you will be confident that you know HTML and CSS as well. While you reach this point, you can now actually see how things work, and seeing instant results will automatically motivate you to learn to code.


Once, you learn HTML and CSS and build some projects with them, you will move forward with this step. In this step, you will learn a real programming language i.e. JavaScript. HTML and CSS that you learned till now is not actually a programming language but now you are actually learning a programming language of the web i.e. JavaScript. JavaScript is actually a broad topic to learn. If you wish to learn it completely, it will take forever so in order to be a web developer, you should learn DOM manipulation, basic concepts of classes, objects, ES6 syntax, etc. Also, you should be building some projects with the help of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript together. Once you have some projects ready then congratulations, you are now a front-end developer. You can even work on basic freelancing projects of the front-end.


Now, once you are ready with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you should now start learning a CSS framework like Bootstrap, Tailwind, etc. It is not necessarily to learn a CSS framework but it can take your development experience to a whole new level. You should also build some projects with the help of the new technology that you learned.


Since, you have complete knowledge of front-end technology like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript till now, it is time for you to learn a JavaScript framework like React, Angular, Vue, etc. There are different technologies that you learn at this point. It would be a better idea to understand the market around you and start learning the technology that best fits that market as you can get jobs after that. Once, you have a well and good knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS framework, JS framework, you can now work as a freelance front-end web developer as well as a full-time front-end developer in a company.


Now, you are a front-end developer, you should jump directly into the backend development. There are different paths you can take at this point. There are many languages that you can learn as a backend like PHP, Python, javascript, etc. Now, you have to study your market in order to choose the language that you are going to move forward with. There is a massive list of programming languages that you can learn for the backend at this point. Also, you have to learn SQL i.e. Structured Query Language. Once you know a backend language and knowledge of SQL, you can now move on to creating APIs with your backend and integrating it to the front-end projects that you build earlier.


Now, you know the backend as well, it’s time for you to learn Database and DBMS. As a full-stack developer, it is a basic requirement that you should know how to create databases, edit data, communicate with databases, etc. Also, you can choose different types of databases to add to your website but you should choose the one that best fits your requirement and integrates seamlessly with the language that you are using in the backend.


Once you completed all these steps, now you should start building full-stack web apps that are actually valuable to the users and build up a portfolio so that you can showcase your projects, the languages that you know, your ability, and help recruiters choose you as the best fit. Also, you should learn things like version control systems (eg. git), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), UI design tools (eg. FIGMA), etc. Now, you know all these technologies, congrats, you are now a full-stack web developer. Now you can actually go and hunt developer jobs and enjoy your life with a good amount of salary as well. Just as a matter of fact: the average web developer salary is somewhere between $60K to $100K.


You are actually a full-stack web developer, now the last step would be continually learning new technologies as the market changes as it is a field that is dynamically changing. A good programmer and developer are one who never says no to new technologies but starts learning new tech every day.
Start your development journey today!

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