Hello friends, in this article we will discuss rooting android phones in 2023, is it worth it to root android phones in 2023, what can be the risks of rooting android phones? And many more things related to rooting android phones in the current times.

Introduction to Rooting Android

Before diving into the topic it is necessary to know what exactly is rooting an android phone. As the name suggests rooting android phones means getting into the root of the android operating system. I know it’s also not clear till now, so let’s discuss briefly rooting in android. Rooting an android phone means you have all the access to your operating system. You may think that you completely are the admin of your smartphone but it’s definitely not the case, the Android Operating System doesn’t allow you to make changes at the root level. “Root-level changes” are representative of the source-based changes. When you root your android operating system, you will get complete access to your operating system, you can do whatever changes you want to make that you wouldn’t get being a non-rooted user. Once you root your device then, you can change anything you want, literally anything you may think of.¬†Once your Android device is rooted, you have more control over the settings, features, and performance of the phone. You’re not limited to what the phone manufacturer says you can do with the device.
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Benefits of Rooting

  • You will become an admin user of your smartphone.
  • You can install custom ROMs.
  • You can run special apps that will unlock special features.
  • You can uninstall the pre-installed apps that you don’t want.
  • You can free up your smartphone memory.

Disadvantages of Rooting/ Risks of Rooting

  • Many smartphone manufacturers void the warranty after rooting.
  • You may brick your smartphone and your smartphone becomes completely useless.
  • Your smartphone may become slow after rooting.
  • You may make some changes at the root level that may ruin some features of your smartphones resulting in malfunction of phones.
  • You can get viruses easily on your smartphones.

Is it worth Rooting Android in 2023?

If we take the scenario of some 5 years ago, then it was worth rooting android as manufacturers use to provide a lot of preinstalled applications, and also features were also not avaliable. But at the present day, I think rooting android is worthless. (Exception being you may need to flash custom ROMs and also need something that you cannot do without rooting). For a normal user, it is completely worthless to root your android device. In the past days, when there was Android Kitkat (4+) or Android Lolipop (5+) or even earlier, smartphones used to lack some basic features like screen recording too, and to use the feature users need to root their android but nowadays we get the features that were not possible without rooting easily without being a root user. Previously people used to root their smartphones to unlock some features like changing the themes of smartphones, use screen recording, using virtual rams (SWAP memory), etc. But nowadays, we get all the features without rooting our smartphones.

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