In the current situation having a laptop or a computer is one of the basic necessities. In the process of choosing a laptop, many people make mistakes so to eliminate those mistakes here I am with this article about the ultimate guide to buy a laptop in 2022. Sometimes buying a laptop can be a really confusing and time taking process. Due to a lack of proper knowledge about the things going on in this field many people end up wasting their money on a really worthless product. Also finding a laptop that best fits you and your task is not really hard if you have the proper guidance.
Getting towards the things to consider before buying a laptop the main questions that come to mind can be what are the specifications of a good laptop? or maybe what to look for when buying a laptop?. These tips to buy a laptop in 2022 can really help you choose a laptop that best fits you.
things to consider before buying a laptop


While on the way to buying a laptop many people just ignore the software experience which should be one of the major factors to consider before buying a laptop. Now, what software experience to choose mainly depends on the type of task you do. If you are a type of person who doesn’t want to play games and don’t want to take the burden of managing the OS of the system or just wants a laptop that works just like a charm with fewer or no problems with software then there can be no option for you than a MAC, whereas if you are a techie person or a gamer or a student who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on a MAC then the best fit for you can be a windows laptop. Else if you are very professional and want full access to the root of the OS then no one can beat Linux. If you are going for a laptop then consider this point and choose the one that best fits you by comparing the features of different operating systems.


Ports are one of the major things to consider before buying a laptop. The major thing that you need to keep in mind is what types of peripheral devices and how many peripherals you want to connect to your laptop. Generally, 2-4 USB type-A port, 1-2 USB type C port, 1 HDMI port, 1 audio video port is common these days. Also, you may know that MACs don’t really offer many ports also you can increase the number of ports on your laptop with other third-party USB Hubs but having an inbuilt port is a really good thing. So it is always better to choose the combination of ports according to your own workflow and necessity.


RAM is one of the controversial topics when choosing a laptop. Some say that you need a lot of RAM like 64 GB or so while some say no you just need 4 GB RAM and we get confused. There is nothing to get confused about. It’s really simple. If you want a laptop of just day-to-day life and simple school projects then 8 GB can be a sweet spot whereas if you do some heavy processing work then 16 GB can be a sweet spot.


One of the major factors that determine the cost of the laptop and the performance of the laptop is the processor or the CPU. Choosing a CPU is really simple. If you have a low budget then you can go with i3 processors or if you have a little more than i5 or if you have a high budget then i7 or i9 would be best. But talking about these processors one of the major things that people ignore is the generation of the processor. It is always better to get a processor of more than the 8th generation. It is because the early generation of the i7 processors and the latest generation of the i3 processors can almost perform the same or near about.


Under the storage, the best that you can get is an SSD. If you get a laptop with 1 TB of a hard disk drive or HDD and a laptop with 500 GB of a solid-state drive or SSD then your choice should always be the SSD. It is because SSD is tremendously faster than HDD. Since SSDs are faster you can boost up the performance of your laptop and never feel that you have spent on a worthless product. So, in the battle of HDD vs SSD, SSD always wins.
These are the major things that you should consider and also you can consider the following that so that your experience with the laptop can be boosted.
  • Consider the display size according to your workflow.
  • A backlit keyboard can be considered a great addon.
  • A larger trackpad can always be better.
  • A good keyboard is preferable.
  • The display type should be also concerned.
  • The connectivity of the laptop should also be concerned.

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