Hello readers, in this article I will be sharing the top 4 tips that will definitely make your computer or laptop faster than it was before. We all notice that after time, our computer or laptop degrades its performance. There can be many reasons for that. But in this article, we will only discuss the methods to make your computer or laptop perform faster than it was before. The technique we are about to use in order to make our computer or laptop faster is the SORS technique. If you are wondering what is the SORS technique, it stands for SSD, OS, RAM, Storage. This technique will 100% work in order to make your laptop or computer faster.
Top 4 Tips That Will Make Your Computer/ Laptop Faster (The SORS Technique) - ComputeNepal

Use SSD instead of HDD

While on the topic to make old computers or laptops faster, the major thing that can drastically change the game is the use of SSD. If you had already read our article on the comparison between SSD and HDD then you would know the advantages of SSD, or else you can read that article also. If your computer or laptop doesn’t have an SSD then the smart move to improve the performance of your device can be using SSD and installing the OS in the SSD. Also, not to forget many people may have SSD and HDD both but also their computer runs slow, then the major thing that is causing the problem can be the OS may be installed in the HDD instead of SSD if that’s the case then you can install your OS in the SSD to enjoy the performance boost.

Upgrade you RAM

The next thing on the list is the RAM. If your computer or laptop has a very low RAM or RAM with low frequency then upgrading your RAM can be the problem solver for you as upgrading the RAM can help you enjoy the drastic performance boost. While talking about the RAM factor, also consider that your CPU is good enough to handle the performance. If your CPU is very old and you upgrade your RAM in order to improve the performance of your computer then it would be a dumb decision. So, this point applies only if you have a good CPU. Also, the question may be there how much RAM to use. If you do some basic computation tasks, office works then 8 GB of RAM could be a sweet spot but if you do gaming, video editing, or high-performance task then 16 GB or higher could be a benefit.

Use latest OS and software

One of the major things that affect your performance is the type of software you use. If you have a decent specification in your computer and also complaining about the slow speed then the major factor can be the choice of softwares. If you use outdated software, cracked software, the old OS then complaining about the slow speed would be useless. So, in this case, the first thing you could do is upgrade your operating system to the latest version and also to use genuine software and the latest softwares. So, it is always better to keep all your software updated for performance as well as security reasons.

Free up some space

If you are facing performance issues in your computer then the first thing you should check is whether you have enough free space in the drive where your OS is installed or not. Many people have this issue but don’t work on it. If you don’t have enough free space in your drive then you should free up the space. To free up you can uninstall some software that you don’t use, delete temporary files, use cloud storage, etc. If you don’t want to face this issue then it would be always better to have at least 10-20 GB free space in your main drive.

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