Hello readers, in this article we will discuss top 5 KDE Plasma themes to checkout today and give your desktop environment brand new and refreshing look. These themes are all minimal and simple as well as well decorated that looks absolutely beautiful.

 What is KDE Plasma?

If you are wondering what actually KDE Plasma is then it’s quite simple. In Linux you get different types of desktop environments to choose from according to your liking. GNOME, KDE, xfce, deepin, etc are the most famous and common desktop environments that you will see around. KDE stands for Know Your Desktop. KDE is absolutely fantastic desktop environment.

Why to use KDE?

KDE is a highly customizable desktop environment out of the box. KDE Comes with some of the KDE exclusive yet very useful features including Krunner which is the spotlight search of KDE, KMail which is a fantastic mail client, KDE Connect which helps to sync smartphone to your desktop, and many more which makes KDE one of the best to choose.

Top Themes of KDE

Top 5 Best KDE Plasma Themes To Checkout Today - ComputeNepal

1. Breeze

Breeze is the default theme of KDE Plasma. Even being default theme of KDE, Breeze looks absolutely stunning. Breeze has both dark and light theme. Also what I like about the Breeze theme is that the cursor of the Breeze theme is the beautiful cursor that comes with it.

KDE breeze theme

2. Sweet

One of the another best theme of KDE is the Sweet theme. This theme is definately worth trying out. It is possible that you may never go back to another theme once your try this theme. Sweet theme comes with beautiful eye candy wallpapers, icons, and colors. The besutiful color theme, window decorations, cursors are absulately the best you would get in linux.

KDE Sweet theme

3. Sweetified Plasma

Sweetified Plasma looks somehow like the Sweet theme but it is the theme that comes out of the box with Garuda Linux. And if you don’t know Garuda is one of the best looking Linux Distro at the current time. So, it is definately worth trying out.

KDE Sweetified Plasma theme

4. WhiteSur

Don’t get me wrong, macOS has one of the best user experience. The way macOS looks is absolutely awesome but it’s always not possible that you have a macintosh with you. If you want a similar experience then it would be a great choice to install WhiteSur theme in your KDE. This theme features a mac like user experience and you may know how amazing the user experience of mac is.

KDE WhiteSur theme

5. Layan

I think Layan can be perfect theme for KDE for most of the users out there. With the awesome wallpaper, window decoration, lock screen, splash screen, layan is one of the best theme you can try in KDE at the time. So its worth trying out once.

KDE Layan Theme

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