Hello readers, In this article, we are busting 5 of the Linux myths prevailing among people. And it is actually necessary to bust as people have many misconceptions about Linux.
Top 5 Linux Myths And Busting Them - ComputeNepal

1. Linux is a CLI

When talking about Linux, many people think that Linux is only CLI (Command Line Interface) or CUI (Character User Interface) but it is not that true. Yes, we need to use CLI/ CUI in order to use the full potential of Linux, but you can actually do a lot of stuff with GUI. You may be shocked to know how beautiful and eye-pleasing Linux can actually be in GUI. Linux has the best GUI (Graphical User Interface) experience as everything, literally, everything is customizable in Linux. If you don’t like something how it looks, you can change it simply. So now onwards, if anyone tells you that Linux is a CLI, you can just bust them. You can check some of the best-looking Linux distributions on our website itself.

2. Linux is for Hackers

For ages, people have been evolving with the thought that Linux is built for Hackers or Professionals and is not for general users. But that’s definitely not the case. It is actually true that Linux can be hard for beginners as it has a lot to offer but nowadays there are many distributions like Zorin OS, CuteFish OS, etc. which are actually very user-friendly and somehow feels like Windows or Mac OS. Linux is not only for professionals but for everyone as it is the best you can use in terms of user experience, usage, and customization. Yes, it can be a little hard to use Linux if you choose something like Arch Linux, Kali Linux, or similar distributions but if you choose some simpler options like Ubuntu, Zorin, CuteFish, etc. it should not be a headache and you can get your job done.

3. Linux is an OS

You may be shocked but Linux is not an OS (Operating System) and for true. Actually, Linux is a kernel, and Operating System is built on top of the kernel. Yes, it’s part of the operating system but it’s not the OS. You may have heard that most of the IoT devices run on Linux but that doesn’t mean that it uses Linux Operating System Like Ubuntu, it means that the devices use Linux Kernel for their work. So, next time anyone tells Linux is an OS, you can correct them.

4. It works like Windows

Many people have the misconception that the concept that they have learned in Windows is the same as in Linux. But they miss out on that, the concept of doing things is different than of Windows in Linux. For example, if you want to format a USB Pendrive, you can just right-click on the drive and just click on the format button but it’s whole different in Linux. Also, if you want to install applications in Windows you open the browser and download the .exe installer file but in Linux, you use package managers like apt, Pacman, snap, flatpack, etc. It’s not that every concept is useless, some concepts are the same but some are completely different. So, remove the myth that Linux works like Windows.

5. Windows is the most popular OS

Most people think that Windows is the most popular Operating System but it’s definitely not the case. We mostly see Windows computers in Schools, Offices, and houses, but Windows is not the most popular OS. Linux is the most popular Operating System. Linux is used literally in every device connected with IT. Think of Servers, NAS, and IoT devices, everything uses the Linux kernel, so Linux is the most popular OS.

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