Hello readers, in this article we will discuss one of the database types i.e. document-oriented database. Mainly we will discuss the context of MongoDB. MongoDB is one of the popular database types that are in use in different full-stack applications.
What is a Document Oriented Database? MongoDB - ComputeNepal


A document-oriented database is a type of nonrelational database model which facilitates us to store our data in a simple JSON-like format that is relatively easier for the developer to perform operations on the data. Since this model facilitates JSON-like documents for developers it is relatively easier to store and query data from this type of database as the developer feels like working with javascript objects while working with this database.

Example of data in a document-oriented database

  “title”: “Roadmap to Learn Full Stack Web Development (Free Resources) “,
  “description”: “While in this era of booming technology, one of the top professions is web development which is currently leading a lot of people to learn web development. Since it is a booming industry it has become ….”,
  “slug”: “roadmap-to-learn-full-stack-web”,
  “tags”: [“development”],
  “date”: {
    “$date”: “2022-02-26T10:24:11.189Z”
  “__v”: 0


MongoDB is one of the most popular document databases. MongoDB is mainly used while building a MERN application (MongoDB, Express, React, Node). MongoDB is a good choice for those who want a database to store their application data but don’t know the concept o a relational database. MongoDB features a JSON-like database model in which developers can store and query data very easily without the need for any query language like SQL. Developer mostly feels like a home while working with MongoDB as working with data is very easy and flawlessly with javascript-like syntax.

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