Hello readers, in this article we will discuss back-end development. We already discussed the front-end development. If you want you can even check that out. So, we will only discuss regarding back-end.
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What is back-end development?

What is Development in computer programming?

Before diving into the topic of front-end development, it is necessary to know that actually is development in computer programming. In general, what is development? Development is positive and progressive change. Correct? Likewise in computer programming, positive and progressive changes to the system are considered development in computer programming. There may be different stages in creating a system. One of the major parts of which is development. In this phase, we have to create the actual working model of our system. Also, development is also of different types, one of which is back-end development.

What is Back-End Development?

Among different development types, the back-end is also one of them. Let’s understand it with a simple example. We all use YouTube, right? While using youtube, we tell youtube to give us the required video. But how is it giving the same video while there are millions of videos on the website? Also while we search about a certain term, it only shows the related results. How is it working? Here back-end development comes into play. The UI we interact with is just front-end and it doesn’t perform any action like searching and filtering, uploading and adding to the server, fetching the data from the database. There is an unseen side of the website that is the backend, which is hidden to the user but has great importance in the system. All the necessary stuff like fetching data from the database, filtering, and sorting data, etc. are performed by the back-end. Simply, back-end development is the process of creating communication with the database in order to perform CRUD operations. Like for front-end, there are different languages, also for back-end development, we have different types of programming languages. Some of them are listed below.
  • PHP
  • Node js
  • Django
  • Flask
  • Ruby
These are only some examples. There are so many languages. And the front-end and the back-end combined are called full-stack development.

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