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Hello Friends, in this article you will be able to know about cloud computing and its brief introduction. Cloud computing now is at its peak. For every person related to computers and computing, cloud computing is one of the most important topics required to gather knowledge.

What is Cloud Computing?

Basically, cloud computing refers to the computing process (IPO) in which data and information are processed in the servers located in a remote location from where we can access data from any place at any time. In short, cloud computing is all about storing, processing, and accessing data from a remote location. Many people who are not that educated and have no idea about computers often confuse cloud computing as it is located in the actual physical clouds that are in the sky, but it’s definitely not the case. Cloud basically refers to the servers located in remote locations, and are accessed through the internet. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers and computing knows the fact that cloud computing is computing in remote locations through servers. This is a simple explanation of cloud computing. Also, cloud computing is an on-demand service. If we want a computer for just 1hour or 2 hours, in this case, we can take cloud computing services for any service providers.

Why is Cloud Computing needed?

Let’s consider a scenario that, we have to run a company where we need different computing tasks. Normally, in this scenario, people think of buying different hardware and using them to fulfill their computing needs. But, it turns out to be expensive and it can be a great loss for the investment if the company collapse or the computing needs degrades. The physical hardware will get wasted in this kind of situation. At this same time, we buy some cloud services then, we don’t have to spend a lot on hardware and also fulfill the computing needs. Also, if a company uses a physical hardware network then there is a great chance of data loss in any accidental situations. But, in the cloud, the data is saved over different locations and even if one server collapses the services will never stop and data can be accessed from another server. Likewise, nowadays computer gaming is also switching towards the cloud. Every person who plays some computer or mobile games that are online has servers to store the data and information of the user. Going a step forward, in the present day’s many cloud computing service providers are providing services to run the game in the cloud and just input and output on the user’s hardware, removing the need for expensive hardware. These are just some cases, cloud computing can be useful in other use cases as well.

Some major cloud computing service providers:

  • Google Cloud
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Cloud
  • Alibaba Cloud, etc.

Types of Cloud

  1. Public Cloud: This is the type of cloud that is available for the public and everyone from any location can access the resources.
  2. Private Cloud: This type of cloud is available within an organization and only the employees from the organization can access the service and resources.
  3. Hybrid Cloud: This is a type of cloud that contains both the features of public and private clouds.
  4. Community Cloud: This is a type of cloud that is available for a community or a group of organizations and only the people related to the community can access the resources and services.

Some Importance of Cloud Computing

  1. We can rent a cloud service for a certain amount of time.
  2. We only have to pay for the time we use the service.
  3. We can scale up and scale down the traffic handling power of our services.
  4. We can collaborate with people all around the globe.
  5. Data is all stored in the cloud hence, no data loss.
  6. Security of the data and information is highly secured and we don’t need to maintain the computer.
  7. Cost for the IT needs reduces.

Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

  1. We cannot access the data without getting connected to the internet.
  2. We may lack support from the service providers.
  3. Dependency of the organization increases.
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Cloud Computing Architecture

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