Hello readers, in this article we will discuss the MERN stack, what the MERN stack is, how to learn the MERN stack, why is it so popular, what are the components of the MERN stack? etc.
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MERN stack stands for MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js which combined forms a full-stack combination so that you can build a complete web application. The best thing about the MERN stack is that it is completely based on javascript. It means that you can be a MERN stack developer if you just know javascript. You don’t need to learn different types of programming languages. Whereas if you look after other full-stack combinations then you may need to learn different technologies and whole different languages in order to make things work. Since the MERN stack uses only javascript to create a full package or a stack, it is comparatively easier to learn and integrate as well. The following are the components of the MERN stack.
  • MongoDB, a document database.
  • Express.js, a Node.js framework.
  • React.js, a client-side javascript framework.
  • Node.js, premier javascript web server.

React.js as the FrontEnd

If you are using MERN stack in your project then the technology you will use in order to build the client-side or just the front-end is React.js, it is a javascript library also sometimes termed as a framework that allows the developer to build a single page application so that they can have a fast and modern website front-end.

Express.js and Node.js as the BackEnd

While talking about the MERN stack, the E and N stand for Express.js and Node.js. Node.js is a web server for javascript. And Express.js is the framework of Node.js that manages the backend of the website. We can enhance the back-end of any website with these technologies. As all, React, Node and Express are the technologies using javascript they are comparatively easier to integrate with each other. We can do a lot of things with the powerful Express.js.

MongoDB as the Database

If your application has functions like storing and retrieving data then in the MERN stack you will be using MongoDB as the database for your application. The major thing that makes MongoDB different from other databases is that MongoDB is a document-based database. Your data can be stored directly in MongoDB in the MERN stack.

How to learn MERN stack development?

If you want to learn the MERN stack then you can find a lot of resources online both free and paid. If you want free yet quality courses related to the MERN stack then you can always refer to platforms like youtube whereas if you want to learn from the paid courses then you can always refer to platforms like Udemy.

What is the MERN stack so popular?

As we discussed above, the MERN stack is fully based on a single language i.e. javascript which makes it comparatively easier to learn than any other full-stack combination. With the MERN stack, you can build whatever you can imagine of building. Since it is comparatively easier to learn than any other combination and you can build anything you can imagine, the MERN stack is popular among developers. Also as an add-on, the average salary of a MERN stack developer is around $76k to $100K in the USA.

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