Hello readers, in the article we will discuss the introduction to web development, should you learn web development in present days and what should you learn and how to start with web development.
What is Web Development? Should You Learn? What to learn? - ComputeNepal

What is Web Development?

So, basically in simple language, web development is the development of web-related projects like websites, web apps, etc. In web development, the developer has to create websites or web apps with the languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web development is a skill that is among the most demanded skill in which we have to develop apps and websites that can run on the web. And the developer who does web development is known as a web developer.

Should you learn Web Development?

As I mentioned earlier, web development is among the most demanded skill in the present time, so, I think there should not be any debate on should we learn or not. Hence, it seems definite that we should learn web development but one thing that should not be missed is having an interest in web development. If you have any interest in programming or development then, you can definitely learn web development.

How to start Web development and what to learn to be a web developer?

If you want to start with Web Development, then the first thing that everyone needs to start with is HTML. HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is a markup language that provides structures to web apps as well as websites. And there are two languages that no web developer can miss out is CSS and JavaScript. After you can make stuff from HTML, CSS, and JAvaScript, you can then move on to some JavaScript frameworks or CSS frameworks like bootstrap (CSS), tailwind(CSS), react (js), vue (js), angular, etc.

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