In today’s modern developing world, there is a serious problem that ceases to exist but no one knows about it. Depersonalization is a normal yet serious problem that most people have but are not aware of the fact that it is there. It is a state of mind when you don’t feel real and detached from yourself.

Well, today’s world is consumed with the Internet and it’s content. People are so attracted and attached to online content these days that they find less dopamine in things that they should be more happy about. For example, a person in his/her childhood days becomes more happy when he/she sees a thing that excites them but it is not the same for grown people these days as online content has affected their mental health so much that they don’t find happiness over small things. So, all of these things combined lead to Depersonalization.

Effects of overconsuming content and Depersonalization

Well, people in the past used to find different ways to deal with boredom. For example, a few years ago, before the internet was spread all over, people used to go outside and play with their friends and used to do a lot of different fun stuff. But after the internet came, people tended to be glued to their electronic devices containing the internet.

So, many problems emerged due to watching hundreds of content a day on the internet. There are a lot of useful and meaningful pieces of information on the internet but more than 90% of people watch the internet just to release their boredom and find entertainment which unknowingly leads them to a problem known as Depersonalization.

people using smartphones, Depersonalization

But what actually is Depersonalization?

Depersonalization is a state of mind where people feel disconnected from their own body and mind and find themselves detached from their own present thoughts. It is not a serious problem that should be worried about a lot but ignoring it also won’t be wise. Well, it occurs when we are going through an emotional or physical trauma but these days, people themselves are the reason for depersonalization because they are watching content over and over again on the internet which is useless.

To be honest, people don’t even know why they are watching the online content these days. It would be wise to say that the Internet was a source of information that contains meaningful data but it is not the same in the present context. Online media is taking away our dopamine and we don’t feel happy when we see something that we should be very happy about. This is all about Depersonalization.

Cause of Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder

The following are the causes of Depersonalization disorder:-

  • Physical or Mental Trauma
  • Watching too much online content more than necessary
  • Not socializing with people
  • Overconsuming high dopamine content at once
  • Poor confidence to deal with problems

Effects of Depersonalization Disorder

  • Feeling disconnected from yourself
  • Not enjoying the present moment fully
  • Overthinking too much about the content you watch on the internet

Preventions/ Solutions to Depersonalization

  • Watching only helpful content on the internet
  • Socializing with other people more often
  • Engaging in different sorts of activities
  • Exercising and working out
  • Watching the screen only when necessary

It is not a serious problem that we should be worried and it doesn’t have any kind of physical form of medicine. We should be mentally relaxed from every sort of thing which includes Internet Garbage and overconsuming content. Practices like mindfulness and meditation can be valuable tools for individuals experiencing depersonalization. These techniques can help individuals reconnect with their present moment, become more aware of their thoughts and feelings, and reduce the intensity of depersonalization experiences.

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