Greetings Readers, in this article we will discuss the agile model in SDLC (System Development Life Cycle). Before this, we have already discussed different models like an incremental model, spiral model, and also regarding different topics of SDLC that you can check out now. While talking about different models in SDLC, we can’t forget the latest model i.e. the agile model in SDLC.

What is Agile Model in SDLC?

Here, in this topic, what is the meaning of agile? To answer this question in short, the meaning of agile is to move quickly. What this means is that if we have an idea then in the current era, it will be absolute in minimum time, so to release the idea in the market it is required that we have to release the product as soon as possible and the model that helps us do this is the agile model. Let us take a real-life example, we will consider smartphones in this regard. We all know that smartphones are such a thing in the technology industry that is developing and evolving so quickly. Have you ever thought, how these smartphones are released so frequently and also perform well in the market? If not then the answer is that they follow the agile model. The agile model is such a powerful model that many tech giants are also following in the current time. So, we have the introduction now let’s discuss how the agile model work.
Also, this model is mainly used for large projects. So, basically, we, first of all, break our project into small chunks. There is a special term for this i.e. iteration. And those iterations run in parallel so that development can be faster. This is regarding development but this model focuses mainly on releasing the product as fast as possible in the market. For that what we do is we develop the iterations, test them and directly release the product in the market. The product may not be that good as aspected but we can release the product and then comes the important part, we then take feedback from the customer and then enhance our product as much as possible. After the enhancing and testing are done, we head over to the next step i.e. re-release. We re-release the product after the enhancement of the product with the feedback provided by the user. By this, we can release and introduce our product in the market sooner and also fulfill the demand of the users.

Diagram of Agile Model in SDLC

Diagram of Agile Model in SDLC | Agile Model in Software Engineering | SDLC (System Development Life Cycle) - ComputeNepal

What are the advantages of the Agile Model in SDLC?

If we have to talk about the advantages or pros of the agile model in SDLC, we can take the following points into consideration.
  • Frequently Delivery of the product.
  • Phase to Phase communication with the user regarding the product.
  • Instant changes to the product as per requirement.
  • Minimal time to release the product.

What are the disadvantages of the Agile model in SDLC?

If we have advantages of something then it is absolute that it also has disadvantages. The following are the disadvantages of the agile model in SDLC.
  • Less documentation and negotiations.
  • Maintenance difficulty.
Note: In the agile model, we don’t follow the hierarchical model i.e. everyone in the team has complete freedom and everyone works parallel and everyone is equal.

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