Benefits of Computer Programming

The content in the article revolves around how programming can help not only computer students and geeks but also other normal people. Basically, this article is all about the benefits of Computer Programming in the life of people.
We all know that computer programming is a topic that not everyone is interested in. But it is always good to do programming. There are several mental benefits that one can get through programming. This article gives you a brief idea about some of the benefits that one can get through computer programming.
5 Reasons Why Computer Programming is Not only For Computer Student (Benefits of Programming)
The following are the 5 benefits of computer programming in the life of any normal person:
  1. Improves problem tackling ability.
  2. Improves memory power.
  3. Improves visualization power.
  4. Helps strengthen brain health.
  5. Improves maths and logical thinking.

a. Improves problem tackling ability

Programming can be a great option to improve problem tackling and problem-solving skill. While programming, one gets encountered with a lot of problems and tries to solve the problem in various ways. Programming is all about how a person thinks. It’s all about perspective. As a person continues programming, s/he starts to find different ways to solve the problems that they are facing in order to achieve the goal. This knowledge on how to tackle problems can help a person lifelong and improve the personality of a person. So, this point definitely shows that programming is beneficial for every person rather than just computer science students.

b. Improves memory power

We all know that programming is really hard for those who don’t contribute their time and love it from the heart. But what makes it difficult? The real reason why people feel programming is a difficult thing is because of lack of logical thinking as well as many people feel difficulties as s/he have to memorize many syntaxes and also many code blocks. It is also true that programming is not about memorizing syntax but somehow it is also true that you need to know the syntax in order to increase productivity. As a person works more and more into programming s/he develops a habit of memorizing things which ultimately increases memory power.

c. Improves visualization power

Visualizing anything is one of the most common features seen in every programmer. For our non-programmer friends, creating a product all starts with planning and visualization of the product interface for users i.e. UI/ UX. Every programmer needs to visualize his/ her program in the mind then put it into paper or into any of the UI/ UX design tools like Figma. Since, before creating any project programmer has to visualize things clearly, with a lot of practice programmers develop a good visualization power. Hence, it is seen that programmers have good visualization. If other people also do some programming it definitely will help them improve.

d. Helps strengthen brain health

Brain health is something that is concerned with all the profession, also with programming it has some relations. Generally, people think that programmers are degrading their mental health as they are in front of a computer all day which will result in bad health. It is somehow correct but as the other side of the coin, when a person writes a piece of code, s/he needs to brainstorm a lot in order to make the code work as expected. And we all know brainstorming is a great thing in order to maintain mental health. It is seen that programmers are good brainstormers. So, programming definitely will help increase mental health.

e. Improves maths and logical thinking

Maths, it is one of the hardest obstacles people face in the field of programming. We all get to listen that only a good maths solver only can get into programming. But it is not true. A person who isn’t a good maths solver can also write good code. But in fact,  programming ultimately improves a person’s maths solving capabilities as well as logical thinking capability. People always compare programmers as geniuses in maths but it is not true always. Programming can be a great tool in order to improve maths.
These were some of the reasons why I think programming is not only for Computer students but for every person who has the capability to learn.

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