Hello readers, in this article we will discuss Input/ Output Devices, one of the computer’s most vital elements of the IPO Cycle. A computer is an electronic device that accepts raw facts and figures as input, processes, and shows meaningful results as output. In this complete cycle, we need devices known as Input/ Output Devices in the first and last process. Input devices generally known as I/O devices help to provide input to the computer and see the output generated by the computer.

Input/Output Devices In Computer System (I/O Devices) - Learn Now

Input Devices

Input devices are the devices that take the input provided by the user and send it to the computer so that the computer can process the information. There are different kinds of input devices but the most common ones are keyboard, mouse, joystick, bar code reader, web camera, scanner, etc.


The keyboard is the most general input device used to operate the computer system. The keyboard is one of the essential components of personal computers. Keyboards have the same layout as typewriters. There are multiple keys on a keyboard. There are different sizes of keyboards available in the market these days. Some common sizes of keyboards are full size with Numpad, ten keyless (TKL) without Numpad, and laptop keyboards without Numpad.


The mouse is also the most common input device that you can see being used with every computer system. The mouse is a pointing device that is used to move the cursor that is seen on the screen and is used to trigger different events like click, hover, drag, etc. The computer will react as you control your mouse hence mouse is a pointing device. A mouse is generally a device that is designed to use on a flat surface like a tabletop. Nowadays the most common type of mouse is an optical mouse which uses a light source to track the position of the cursor on the screen.


The joystick is another input device used in computer systems. The joystick is also a pointing device that is mainly used while gaming. Unlike a mouse, a joystick consists of a stick that is set on a platform and can move in four directions. It is mainly used to play video games on the computer.

Bar Code Reader

A bar code reader is also another input device that is very useful. A barcode reader is a device that reads the data that is bar coded. A bar code is the form of data where data is coded in the form of black and white strips and can be decoded with the help of the device bar code reader. This device can be more helpful in places like shopping centers, and warehouses where we need to track different items rapidly and accurately.

Web Camera

A web camera is an input device that provides the scene of what’s in front of it to the computer system. A web camera is generally pre-installed in laptop devices and can be attached using a USB interface in desktop computers.


A scanner is a very useful input device. A scanner is a device that can scan physical documents and bring them right into the computer system. The scanner collects the images from the source and then converts the information into a digital format so that we can save the information in our computer system.

Output Devices

Output devices are devices that show the output generated by the computer system so that the user can see it. There are different types of output devices, but the most common ones are monitors, printers, speakers, etc.


The monitor is the display screen that is used to display the text and graphics, allowing users to give the result of the processing. It is the most common and popularly used output device for producing soft copy output. There are different types of monitors available in the market, it you want in-depth knowledge on the classification of monitors, we have a separate article that you can refer to.


Printers are the other most common output device that is used in daily life. There are many types of printers in the market, we also have an in-depth article on different types of printers that you can refer to for in-depth knowledge.

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