Hello readers, in this article I have shared with you some of the 5 best and easy tips to earn money online without any investment. Point to note: It can even be done with just a smartphone but having a laptop or PC is considered an addon.
5 Best Tips to Easily Earn Money Online With No Investment (can be done with smartphone only) - ComputeNepal


1. YouTube

So, one of the most popular and well-known ways to generate an earning online easily without investment. But, in the present day, there is a lot of competition on youtube. Resulting in a little more hard work required. But, if you have patience, have good knowledge in any topic that may be anything ranging from cooking, general knowledge, computing, AI, etc. then you can just create a youtube channel and upload valuable videos. But, in this method, patience is required and consistency is the key. If you just upload some 4 5 videos and think you aren’t earning then it is not going to work. You need to work consistently in this field and then wait for success. You can generate a good amount of living but it is always good to start it as a hobby and once you generate a good amount of earning then you can turn it into full-time work.

2. Blogging

Blogging is also one of the best ways to generate a good amount of income online without investment. If you have knowledge on any kind of topic then you can create a website in a related topic and then start writing an article and then after time passes, you can generate a good amount of earning from Google Adsense, affiliate posts, sponsored posts, etc. You can easily create a blog website for free on blogger.com and then start your blogging journey. If creating a website seems a little confusing then you can find a lot of tutorials on youtube. If you can write stuff and then spend time in this, then it is guaranteed that you can generate a good amount of living but it is definite that your article should provide value to the users. Like YouTube, it is also good to start as a hobby and then it can even generate a good amount of living after time passes.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is also one of the best ways to earn online. You can sell any of your skills through freelancing. If you have valuable skills like designing, video editing, web development, etc. then you can generate a good amount of money through freelancing. In freelancing, you have to keep patience in starting, but once you start getting work, and then your profile starts growing then you can generate a good amount of money. You can slowly increase the price of your work once you get a good amount of ratings on the freelancing platforms. Some of the popular freelancing platforms include Fiverr, Upwork, etc. You may not get any orders in the first couple of months but once orders start then you can generate income more than any other job.

4. Affiliate Links

This technique can be a great source of income online if you have a good amount of social presence. If you have many friends on Facebook or have a good amount of followers on any social platform then you can generate a great amount of income through affiliate programs. Many e-commerce platforms provide affiliate programs like Amazon has a great affiliate program. Through affiliate links, you can easily generate a good side income if you have a good amount of social friends circle.

5. Stock Photos Selling

If you click some fairly good pictures then you can sell your pictures on websites like Shutterstock and generate a good amount of income. It is one of the methods that many people don’t know much about. If your pictures are good and eyecatching then you can sell your pictures at a fair price. If you want to sell your stock pictures then they shouldn’t contain any watermarks. For selling stock photos it isn’t necessary to be clicked with a DSLR, a picture that is shot on a smartphone but is good can also be sold at a fair price.

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