Hello readers, in this article we will discuss Artificial Intelligence, its types, advantages as well as fear of Artificial Intelligence for mankind.

artificial intelligence fear of mankind


Computing has never been so advanced as it is now. The development that has been achieved in the field of computing is phenomenal. Among these, artificial intelligence is the important one. Machines are meant to help humans, but if machines can solve problems like humans, then it is called Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is the advancement of computer science which can be defined as the branch which focuses on developing human-like intelligence in machines. This is possible due to the collection of data and use of algorithms, and luckily we are the generation that is able to be surrounded by different AI technology. Different tiers of artificial intelligence solve different problems but are they always a blessing?

Types of AI

Firstly, it is very important to know that there are mainly three types of AI i.e. Narrow AI, General AI, and Super AI. It is quite clear from the naming itself. Narrow AI has some limitations, General AI is capable of some more operations whereas Super AI has no limitations. Narrow AI is capable to solve specific purposes, i.e. they are meant to perform a single task or the same task over and over again. These are generally available to a large extent. Its example includes voice recognition, face recognition, etc. But, General AI is a bit superior. This type of AI is capable of understanding human emotions like happiness, sorrow, anger, etc. This AI is supposed to be somehow more efficient than a human being. Some examples of General AI include self-driving cars, chess-playing computers, etc. Both of these AI are in use to date but on the other hand, Super AI is a hypothetical concept. This AI is accounted to be superior to a human being. But, no such AI has been developed to date.

Advantages of AI

Secondly, as with any other technology, AI is also developed to help humankind. AI is also very important in this era of technology. AI brings up a ton of advantages like advancement in data processing, education, etc. AI if accompanied by education can help in different ways of faster learning, processing larger information without errors. Also, AI, if used in medical, can help in the diagnosis of different diseases with the data of multiple patients, research and development in medical and also AI can help in routine checkups of patients which is in use nowadays. Also, AI can help automate the boring stuff and make the use of human effort in research and development rather than in redundant tasks. All these points describe AI as a blessing for mankind.

Fear of AI

On the other side of the coin, AI is also proving itself a curse for mankind. AI is an awesome technology that can do whatever we command it to do. But, this is not always good for humankind, AI if given negative commands and harmful commands can lead to great damage to the human community. Also, more use of AI for simple human tasks is leading to laziness as well as a huge drop in the productivity of humans. Furthermore, the use of AI in different industries is leading to unemployment which can affect a larger community of people. Moreover, the development of machines creates the fear of extinction of human life.


No doubt, the technological advancement, and development of AI is a great achievement for humans. Nowadays, humans are able to do things that were impossible just a few years back due to advancements in technology. Technology is a blessing for mankind till used for a good purpose but technology and AI can even lead to the extinction of humankind if used for an evil cause. Thus, AI is a blessing for humans as long as it is used to serve humans and is a disaster if left uncontrolled.

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