Hello readers, it’s been about a month since I am using Linux as a daily driver. First, I was a little afraid to do so as everything was set up on my laptop like everything was there ready to use in my laptop. So, I was hesitating to migrate all data to the new operating system, also there was a feeling that whether I would get all the apps that I use on daily basis or not. Now, I am using Linux for about a month, here’s what I think about Linux as a daily driver.
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What is Linux?

Maybe every IT literate would have heard about Linux once in a while, and also many of you may know what is Linux but for those who don’t know really; Linux is an open-source operating system meaning that the source code is available for free to everyone and one can customize the code as per the need so that they can enjoy the benefits of Linux. Being an open-source operating system, hundreds of developers around the globe can contribute to the project to make the operating system more and more stable and feature-rich.

What are the benefits of Linux?

Now you know the basic introduction about Linux it’s time to discuss some of the benefits of Linux. Linux is open-source and feature-rich operating, there is a huge collection of benefits but summarizing a few, I have listed some below.
  • Linux is open source meaning nothing is hidden from the user about their system.
  • A large community of developers supports Linux and is continuously working to make it better day by day.
  • Linux features a powerful terminal with which you can do a lot of things that you can’t do with other operating systems.
  • The user is not only the user but is an administrator meaning that s/he has access to each and everything in the operating system.
  • Being supported by a huge collection of developers, Linux doesn’t get viruses as any known loopholes are patched really fast due to a large number of eyes on the codebase.
  • Linux is one of the best choices for those who want complete customization of their user interface as we can literally do anything.
  • Linux features high-level computer security.

The reason I switched to Linux

Actually, I also do coding, previously I used to code on Windows but I thought it would be better if I switch to Linux cause there’s nothing to lose from switching. This being a reason, I switched to Linux to be more familiar with the command line and all the internal workings of a computer. Also, the reason was that I wanted a change in the user interface as I was using the same typical Windows user experience.

My thoughts after switching to Linux

As I already mentioned, I had a couple of doubts and hesitation to switch to Linux, but now I think that it was indeed the best decision I took. Before I switched to Linux, I had a doubt that whether I would be able to get all the software I was using on daily basis or not which was the major hesitation. But, since I am using Linux for about a month, I can definitely say that Linux is the best. We can get alternatives of every software that I was using on my laptop. For example, I am able to use GIMP instead of Photoshop, free video editing software Shot Cut instead of Premiere Pro, Brave instead of Chrome, LibreOffice instead of MS Office, and many more. Also, we can definitely get some of the apps like VLC, Spotify, VS Code, OBS, Audacity, etc. with official support.


Linux is one of the best-operating systems. I have no regret switching to Linux as a daily driver, also I would like to suggest you use Linux. If you want to use Linux, there are a lot of options to choose from. If you are confused, you can read my article on theĀ best Linux distributions for beginners.

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